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Interconnectedness is the foundation for all of Alyssa's offerings. Each avenue of nourishment impacts the others. Upon understanding the magnitude of this, we can find highly effective entry points to nourishing ourselves better, in manners that are  impactful, attractive & sustainable for each of our unique sets of needs.


 Be it what we eat, the spirit in which we eat, our commitment to self-expression & or self-study, how we move our bodies, our connection to pleasure, the time we spend outside, our sexuality & sensuality, our sleep & wake cycles, or connection to other humans, there are many Avenues of Nourishment.

So, whether you're strictly focused on food & nutrition for body composition or performance outcomes, are wanting to heal your relationship to your body & eating, or you are searching for a soulful & esoteric way to weave more nourishment into your life, Alyssa has got you.


 The Avenues of Nourishment new way to nourish, indeed.


What are the entry points to your nourishment?

In RhYTHM, You'll:

Learn how to eat. Yes, eat!

We all eat, but most of us are a little confused about it. This course will equip you with 12+ video modules (13 hours) packed with the concepts & knowledge you need to eat well.

This covers specific nutrition info + how to make that info personalized & sustainable.


You will walk away from this rich self study knowing how to cultivate a nourishment rhythm that meets your own unique needs.

This option includes a weekly office hour worth of access to Alyssa for any questions that may arise.

You can dive into Rhythm: An Eating 101 Self Study today.

With 1:1, You'll:

Explore the Avenues of Your Nourishment with personalized guidance, embodied application & a high-point of contact flow that catalyzes personal transformation -  food related & far beyond.  After all,

nourishment = empowerment


This takes personalized nourishment to the next level. For those with a more holistic view, incorporating Human Design & the Primary Health System is an option // The Foundational Nourishment option is pure nutrition 
& lifestyle. Integrated Nourishment option is more holistic + weaves in HD.

Book a clarity call with Alyssa to choose your program option & get started!

With Hd, You'll:

Learn Your Human Design, which is a system that utilizes the mechanics of our aura (energetic body) to equip us with a strategy & inner authority, both of which help us find ease in our bodies, while freeing up our minds to be the objective observers of our experience. 

This is a two part, 3.5-4 hour offering that when applied through following your Strategy & Authority will change your life by equipping you to be YOU. 

HD is woven into the 1:1 Avenues of Nourishment, Integrated Nourishment program option, as a means of making your own decisions around

food & your nourishment.

Book your HD Reading & then keep

your eyes peeled for your downloadable recording.


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