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a foundational practice for unleashing untapped power. 

ready to unleash?

ready to unleash?

What are you - or rather we - unleashing? Great question. Most of us can agree that we are already fabulous.

However, most of us would likely also agree, albeit a bit more quietly, that we could be even more fabulous, more powerful, better aligned with our intuition & innate power if we just had the tools & support to access that untapped potential. 


The Illuminatrix is just that: A 9-week guided system that was born from the intense experiences we have moved through - sometimes gracefully, other times tripping & falling - that have left us wanting for a structure to juxtapose on to said experiences in order to facilitate insight, understanding & eventually illumination. 

This guided system, 1) lays a foundation for a holistic perception of our experiences, then

2) sets us up to familiarize, assimilate, integrate & alchemize the experiences we are having, while 

3) providing tools to do so - tools that can be used  wherever you're alchemizing - be it on the physical, mental, spiritual, and/or the emotional plane. 

and 4) while we will primarily address the experience of being a human, in a physical body, this guided system is pliable. It was created to be molded to YOU, by YOU, for your unique undertakings.  

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focal points of the

9-week guided system 

focal points of the

9-week guided system 



Utilizing fear and resistance as part of our practice


Relating to our bodies


Reclaiming our relationship to our bodies


Returning to trust in our bodies


Practice sifting with sensation as a guide


Opening to full expression with nourishment & movement


Opening to full expression with sensuality & sexuality


Allowing more

9 Familiarize class videos to unpack each weeks intention & topics


9 Weekly Assimilate journal prompts relating to each week


9 Weekly Integration live group calls to connect, ask questions & share


9 Alchemize Invitations to practice on your own time 


9 Movement Meditation sessions to utilize for releasing and building energy


9 More Practices to support you - 3 Guided Visualizations, 3 Meditations & Breathing practices, 3 Dance & Body explorations