Master the Sex-Appeal Meal

October 11, 2016

Mastering the Sex-Appeal Meal, huh? Let's start with this jaw-dropper  from an article published in the Journal of American Physiological Association, which stated:


"Growing evidence shows that features we find attractive in members of the opposite sex signal important underlying dimensions of health and reproductive viability. It has been discovered that:


1. men with attractive faces have higher quality sperm,

2. women with attractive bodies are more fertile,

3. men and women with attractive voices lose their virginity sooner... 

4. and lap dancers make more tips when they are in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle."


From the perspective of evolution this quote isn't surprising at all. Evolutionarily, it's all about, "survival of the fittest". Or maybe, "survival of the sexiest"is more accurate.  The desire to be beautiful, vibrant, and attractive is one that is deeply intertwined with our desire to survive. Stop shaming yourself for wanting to radiate health and beauty. Keep reading, and give yourself some love. You just want to thrive, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's an intrinsic desire. 


Okay, maybe you're rolling your eyes. Maybe your eyes are reddish, dry, and have dark circles under them. Maybe you threw your palm to your forehead as to suggest "not another article about food and sex". Maybe your forehead is coated with pale skin that either feels too dry or too oily. Maybe you cover that skin with bronzer on the daily, thinking to yourself,


"I'll just have to work with what I was given"


You're right; you can work with what you were given. In fact, not only can you work with it, but through your FOOD choices you can PERFECT it. The way we look is a significant indicator of our health. Luckily, we can improve our health with our diet, which means we can also increase our "attractiveness" with by choosing the right foods. Hallelujah!


Here are some examples of how specific foods/nutrients impact our appearance:


- Break out much? Chances are your sex hormones are imbalanced. Maybe you have low sex drive too. Eating more saturated fats like coconut, egg yolks, pasture-raised beef, and ghee will bring you back you balance.

- Notice dark circles under your eyes? You could be dehydrated, not getting enough iron, or may need more vitamin C to make collagen. 


- Pale, dull skin? You may need to eat more carotenoids (aka carrots, pumpkin, butternut, buttercup, kabocha, and acorn squash, sweet potatoes, spinach, bell peppers)


- Have low muscle tone or tend to store fat easily? You could have higher than optimal estrogen and lower than desired testosterone. Eating more protein, magnesium, and fiber will help you to b