Transformations Take Time

See an attractive person on the street and watch the heads turn...

Before you roll your eyes and write me off as "a women who has good genetics" or who is obsessed with her looks keep reading. I can assure you, this is about more than what meets the eye.

A year ago today, I felt off; my self confidence was lower than the sunken Titanic, negative thoughts raced faster than an olympic sprinter, and my world was clouded with anxiety. I can't say I had ever felt that way before, but considering I had spent a year not exercising (aside from climbing) and restricting my food to bars, carrots, and coffee during my chaotic Dietetic Internship, my state of unease is not surprising in hindsight.

Sure, I was not happy with my body in pictures, but what truly bothered me was the fact that my head space was way (way, way, way) off kilter. I decided it was time to kick my butt into gear, and achieve some goals (because nothing improves your self- love, confidence, and efficacy like achieving a goal).

So, I put my mind to it and started moving more. For about 6 months I lifted heavy, I did cardio, I kept climbing, I cooked all my meals, but never saw the exponential changes I was after. I knew something had to change.

Fuck average. I wanted to be great. I could literally feel the desire boiling in my belly. I still feel it.

What I realized is that I was half-assing it. I was avoiding the big change (diet) because I felt too challenging. Meanwhile, as the desired boiled over the edge of the pot, I turned my back. What followed is a big mess (i.e. all the unease). Then, January 31st, 2016 hit and there was no more muting the desire. It demanded me to face it. To go all in; 110%. So I did. Meals became simple and structured. Protein and vegetables became my life. Road blocks (injuries and moving into a van, where cooking ain't the same) tried to stop me. But, desire won out.

Some call it discipline. But what fuels the discipline? Desire. Desire fans the flame that enables us to be so disciplined that it's impossible to fail.

It's been about 6 months since I got real about answering to the desire that gives me required discipline to succeed in my pursuits. Some moments have been tough; like when I had to commit to stop pleasure eating (a few tears) or when I had to stop doing cardio to let me knee recover, but I'm still going strong. Every day I inch closer and closer to my goals.

Heads turn now. Not because I am "attractive", but because I carry myself with confidence, self-love, and self- assuredness that is continually cultivated as acknowledge that I am working insanely hard to inch closer and closer to my goals. Heads turn because I radiate a knowing. A knowing "that I CAN do whatever the fuck I want, as so long as I put my mind to it". People who carry themselves with confidence and who radiate self love are the ones who turn heads.

Transformations take time. Transformations require discipline. Transformations are fueled by desire.

NourishMEnt Nutrition was born to help guide YOU through your transformations with personalized nutrition. You and your desire are the most important part of the equation, but NourishMEnt is here to provide the framework and support for change

NOTE: these pictures are exactly a year apart from each other. If I can transform, you can transform.

Just know this: 1) you need desire to have unbreakable discipline 2) you must do it for YOU, and no one else 3)Greatness takes time - I'm not there yet, but I can see it on the horizon and I know the journey is 100% worth it.

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