Abs are Made in the Kitchen

Belly fat... You've heard it said that ‪#‎absaremadeinthekitchen‬ and I'm here to tell you IT'S TRUE!

While it's healthy and essential to a woman's vitality to have some belly fat, the key to a woman (and most men) actually being able to see their abdominal muscles is 90% diet, and 100% practicing the habits to required to make a very specific diet possible. Now, I'm to saying you need to be able to see your abs to be healthy for fit, but for many of my clients, who are high performers and athletes, it's a main goal.

Abs might not be synonymous with happiness, but after working hard for them, you'll feel 100% more confident in your achievement.

This is ‪#‎GoToGrub‬ for me (and my clients with a fat loss, muscle maintenance goal): Lettuce wraps with 1 cup fried egg whites, salsa, sun dried tomatoes, and loads of steamed string beans!

To see the muscles you work hard for, create meals based on high protein, colorful vegetables, and healthy fats. Oh, and make sure you drink plenty of water!

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