The Illuminatrix is a 9-week guided system that was born from the intense experiences we have moved through - sometimes gracefully, other times tripping & falling - that have left us wanting for a structure to juxtapose on to said experiences in order to facilitate insight, understanding & eventually illumination.

This guided system, 1) lays a foundation for a holistic perception of our experiences, then, 2) sets us up to familiarize, assimilate, integrate & alchemize the experiences we are having, while , 3) providing tools to do so - tools that can be used wherever you're alchemizing - be it on the physical, mental, spiritual, and/or the emotional plane.

​And, 4) while we will primarily address the experience of being a human, in a physical body, this guided system is pliable. It was created to be molded to YOU, by YOU, for your unique undertakings.

Access to the The Illuminatrix Guided System opens on April 8th, 2021. Each week you will be granted access to a 20 to 40 minute Familiarize Video, Assimilation Prompts, and Alchemize Practices from your Inner Apothecary. In addition, we will have a weekly group call to Integrate the concept’s into our collective, community & individual experiences.

Our group calls will re-occur every Thursday, starting April 15th & and will range from 60 to 90 minutes. The weekly group calls will be scheduled for 7:00pm EST / 5:00pm MST / 4:00pm PST, each week from the 15th of April until the 10th of June, 2021.

Each week builds upon the one before it. We begin with Interconnectedness, and work into Utilizing Fear and Resistance as Part of our Practice. Relating to our Bodies, as well as Reclaiming our Relationship to our bodies.

With that foundation laid, we Return to Trust in our bodies, with Sensation as our guide. This allows us to Open to our full expression with nourishment & movement, as well as with Sensuality & Sexuality.

From there, we bloom into Allowing More.
This is the path of the Illuminatrix & the course we will flow through together.

If you are excited to join us, but feel you do not have access to the funds to do so, please email or and we can arrange modifications as needed.

The Illuminatrix

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