This monthly gathering will occur on the new moon at 5:00pm MST.

Our Flow: we willl discuss the transits of the moon through the lens of the Human Design Gates, then drop into your new moon intentions through guided visualization & movement of energy through breath.

Guided visuaulization creates a canvas of the mind, which in turn creates nuerotransmitters of feeling, which connects you to the feeling capacity your physical body provides. These feelings attune your heart center's magnetic monoplole & calibrate your energetic frequency to attract all the experiences you desire.

Please show up on time, with your space set for comfort & focus. 
Always have water & a journal + writing utensil with you for these gatherings. 
Head phones are often optimal. 

Thank you! 

New Moon:: Gathering through the ethers

    Add some NOURISHMENT 
    to your life:

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