Human design is an augmentative system that we'll use as a road map to navigate your energetic patterning, conditioning & de-conditioning, archetypal reflection & deep understanding of the Self.

Human Design is one of the best ways to cultivate more awareness (of Self & Other), as it equips us with an energetic & mechanical blueprint of the following:
1) our aura & energetic type
2) our strategy to optimally move through the physical world
3) our inner authority & decision making
4) our emotional themes
5) our consistent & variable energetic patterning
6) our unique cognition, awareness, and optimal environments
7) the archetypal rolls we  find ourselves moving within through the phases of our lives

Human design is an illuminating road map when used alone & a helpful accessory to any other modalities.  It is a synthesis of the Chakra System, the Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, and is a cross-cultural archetype tool. It draws on ancient & modern archetypal systems, and there are no competing modalities, as Human Design compliments all of the various modalities by providing insight into the mechanics of how we operate.

Human design facilitates our deconditioning process, making room for more of our truest, authentic selves. It is an accurate decision making tool that, when practiced, gives us access to our true self, The Secret Self, which is liberated by living in accordance with one's Type, Authority & Strategy. 

First: You schedule your Integration Call here & fill out the information below.
From that information, I do a 60 to 90 minute Empowered by (Human) Design recorded audio reading of your Human Design Body Graph. You will get the Foundations of Your Design 3 to 4 days before the 90 minute Integration call.

You are scheduling the LIVE INTEGRATION CALL on the Calendly site after you have purchased your reading, here. Please be sure you put the time & date in your calendar. You will receive a Zoom invite once your purchase here has been made & your Calendly call has been scheduled.

You will listen to & reflect on the Empowered by (Human) Design audio recording before we have our 90 minute Integration call (you will receive it 3-4 days before the call). Make a list of questions, reflections, places you want to dive in a bit deeper on the integration call.

We have our Integration Call, which is 90 minutes to review your questions & reflections about your Empowered by (Human) Design reading. On the Integration call we can discuss patterns & deep dive into aspects that really resonate or are relevant to your current experience. This call is recorded on Zoom Audio so you will absolutely have access to download it.

From there, you have your Human Design Body graph Foundations in the 60-90 minute audio recording + the recording of our 90 minute Integration Call.

From this place of foundation building, you have any-time access to more Integration Calls (which are 90 minutes each), that allow us to explore the deeper layers of your Human Design body graph, composite charts,  and current transits you are experiencing. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

PLEASE NOTE: Empowered by (Human) Design is on sale until January 1, 2021, for 25% off. Then it will be listed at it's normal price. Thank you for taking this journey together <3

Empowered By (Human) Design :: Foundations Recording & Integration Call

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