This program is for those who want to whet their nourishment appetite. It is thoroughly focused in terms of food, body & nutrition. And will scratch the surface of Avenues of Nourishment, but is focused on that avenues related specially to food, your body & nutrition.


  • In-depth Nutrition Assessment​

  • 2 Hour Initial Consult Intensive

  • Downloadable Recording of your Initial Consult

  • Analysis of nutrition-related lab work, if applicable

  • Introduction to Your Human Design Foundations for Nourishment, Recorded Audio (60 to 90 minutes)

  • Personalized Nourishment Practice Protocol
    Includes: De-conditioning & Relearning Nourishment Foundations, Visual Plate Ratios, Supplements, Meal Plan, Concepts & Applications catering to client's goals, Mindscaping, Structured and/or Intuitive Eating, Pleasure Rituals, etc.​

  • 3 Follow Up, Integration Calls after Personalized Protocol is received

  • Follow Up Calls are 60 minutes 
    (follow-ups can be worked into the bi-weekly calls depending on client's preferable communication flow) 

  • Follow Ups must be used within 10 weeks of receiving your protocol

  • Signal App Support & Email Support Access

  • Weekly Food Tracking Analysis, if desired

    *please note, if you are not interested in a Human Design (HD) foundations recording, we can omit the HD audio recording & you can use that hour as an extra follow up instead. 


NOTE: Incremental Payment Plans are available. See here or email for details.


Please fill out the client paperwork attached and email to You will receive a confirmation and scheduling email within 24 hours of checking out, if you have not already.


 No refunds, exchanges, or reimbursements.

Alyssa is passionate about everyone having acceess to this information. For incremental payment plans & or sliding scale, please email her at Thank you! ​​​​​​​

Foundations Basic Nourishment Package

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