Like we've been saying, "NourishME, because nutrition is always individual". Now, NourishMEnt Nutrition is offering even more individualized nutrition guidance with a simple genetic mapping of your metabolic profile. 


Genes are like directions for your cells. Genes tell your body how to respond, how to build chemcials, h and are the ulimate controllers of all this metabolism related.


Ever wonder why some people respond well to Low Carb/High Fat diets while others shed more fat with Higher Carbohydrate/Lower Fat diets? Variation in our body's functions is largely genetics. To continue the aforementioned example, the LC/HF diet may work best for those who have a lot of "fat burning" ezymes and less "carb burning" enymes. Our genes are what tell your cells to make the enzymes.


Knowing the exact of directions your cells give allows us to follow those directions by tailoring your diet to them. That's working smart, not hard. 

So, what does "genetic mapping of your metabolic profile" mean?

With a simple spit (in a vial) test, we can now map your genes (just like 23 and Me) and specify the directions they give your body. This means that we will work synergistically with your body, supplying the exact macro- and micronutrients it needs to thrive and reach your body transformation goals. 

See what Genetic Testing with GxSlim & a Personalized Protocol can do for you! Details about GxSlim are below: