Gather with women to explore how we can strengthen our relationship with our bodies, our food, our power, and our magic. This weekly salon will facilitate the cultivation radiance through nourishment of our minds, bodies, and spirits.    

WHAT:  Women have been taught to shrink themselves, to fit into a box. No more of that. This is a place to grow with other women who are also looking to feel the magic, stand in their power, and nourish themselves on the deepest of levels.

WHY: Most of the time, 2-dementional nutrition goals don't go deep enough. You've already learned the base elements of nutrition and self-care. Now, we will dig in to a deeper, different type of nourishment. We will explore eating for radiance, sleep, tapping into ideas about body image and who we are. 

WHO: I want all the powerful women I've worked with to step up! While many of you have grown leaps and bounds in your relationship to food and your body, there is more to be learned, Particularly from each other. I want you, and all other women who have worked with Nourishment Nutrition and are seeking a deeper connection to their bodies through nourishment to rock this out together. Are you ready?

WHERE: Because this gathering is held online, you can join from anywhere that you have access to the internet or wifi. But hold on, hold on... Where is is actually going to happen is in your heart, in your belly, your mind, in your dreams. Where this is actually going to happen is where you put your healing efforts. 

WHEN: Starting the first week of October, this salon will run weekly, for an hour an a half. The day and time will depend on the majority of the group's availability. 

If you're interested in joining us for the kick-ass Cultivating Radiance Salon, or want more information about it, drop us a quick email and we'll respond within 24 hours. 

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