The Avenues of nourishment:
PROGRAMS & working together 

​Hello Friend -  Alyssa Troob (yes, I am the former Alyssa Neill you are looking for ;)), Holistic Registered Dietitian, Certified Life Coach, and Human Design Analyst, here.

Welcome to Nourishment Nutrition & The Avenues of Nourishment!  
The last five years have been the most incredible experience working with Nourishment clients full time. Over this time, I have established what I refer to as The Avenues of Nourishment Approach to Nutrition & Beyond.
The Avenues of Nourishment Approach was born from working intensely with one on one clients full time, for over eight thousand hours! This experience allowed me to cultivate the deep-seated, holistic understanding that:
1) Eating does not happen in a vacuum. 

2) How we eat & the food we choose is imperative to our health & yet, it is only one avenue of nourishment.

3) There are a plethora of avenues of nourishment, including but not limited to:
what we eat, how we eat, self-expression, self-study, physical movement, breath-work, mediation, pleasure, time outside, sexuality, sleep, sensuality, connection with a community, continual integration, and oh-so-many others!

4) Though they are different, each Avenue of Nourishment is interconnected. Like all things in Nature, they work synergistically.

5) When explored & applied to your life, each Avenue of Nourishment that pertains to you, yields a deep sense of wellness, fortification & the sustenance necessary for continuous growth, vitality & optimal health. 

6) Last, and most importantly, I meet each unique client where they are at. While some clients want to deep dive into every Avenue of Nourishment that pertains to them, others want to focus in on the Avenues that pertain specifically to Nutrition. 

In other words, you're the driver & I am the (all-knowing... haha, just kidding, but not really) GPS, guiding you through the Avenues of Nourishment. Or, as one client said, "If nourishment is a mountain, Alyssa is one of the best sherpas out there". Ah.... How I adore my clients. 

When we work together, your life will change.

I can say that confidently, as I witness it happen with every single client who commits themselves to exploring the Avenues of their Nourishment. Whether that means a) dialing in what they eat, learning to apply nutrient timing, and how they mindscape for peak performance OR b) mindscaping for body confidence, exploring sensuality practices, implementing pleasure rituals, learning to trusting their body, and reclaiming how they move, the life-long changes they experience are nothing short of spectacular. 

As nearly all of my clients can attest to, Nourishment is Empowerment. While everyone I work with explores their own unique avenues of nourishment, the result is always powerful & life-long.

With the potent combination of my 13+ years in the alternative health world (supplements, naturopaths, clinics, etc), my classical science-centric education as a Registered Dietitian, my love of cooking & gardening, my passion & practice in women's menstrual cycle health, my experience as an athlete (climbing, lifting, running, yoga, dance, etc.), my certification as a life coach, and my training in Human Design, I am able to meet a diverse array of clients with perfectly unique needs.

Nourishment Packages are a all-inclusive. They provide concepts for foundational learning, as well as consistent, bi-weekly or monthly follow up integration calls, which is where the magic happens! When we work to transform our health, our habits, our minds, and our bodies, it's a personal experiment that requires consistent attention, tweaking, grace, and time. 

Transformation, especially along The Avenues of Nourishment, is a journey best traveled with company. Package options are guaranteed to keep you on-track and successful achieving your health, body, and nutrition-specific goals. Before committing to any package, I offer at complimentary 15 to 20-minute phone call to connect & touch base and answer any questions you might have.

Tune into the video below for insight into The Avenues of 
Nourishment & how we will explore the avenues of your nourishment. Enjoy! 

Are you ready to explore the Avenues of Your Nourishment?

foundational nourishment

$1,573 pROGRAM


$1,500 PROGRAM

This program is for those who want to whet their nourishment appetite. It is thoroughly focused in terms of food, body & nutrition. And will scratch the surface of Avenues of Nourishment, but is focused on that avenues related specially to food, your body & nutrition.


  • In-depth Nutrition Assessment

  • 2 Hour Initial Consult Intensive

  • Downloadable Recording of your Initial Consult

  • Analysis of nutrition-related lab work, if applicable

  • Introduction to Your Human Design Foundations for Nourishment, Recorded Audio (60 to 90 minutes)

  • Personalized Nourishment Practice Protocol
    Includes: De-conditioning & Relearning Nourishment Foundations, Visual Plate Ratios, Supplements, Meal Plan, Concepts & Applications catering to client's goals, Mindscaping, Structured and/or Intuitive Eating, Pleasure Rituals, etc.

  • 3 Follow Up, Integration Calls after Personalized Protocol is received

  • Follow Up Calls are 60 minutes 
    (follow-ups can be worked into the bi-weekly calls depending on client's preferable communication flow) 

  • Follow Ups must be used within 10 weeks of receiving your protocol

  • Signal App Support & Email Support Access

  • Weekly Food Tracking Analysis, if desired

    *please note, if you are not interested in a Human Design (HD) foundations recording, we can omit the HD audio recording & you can use that hour as an extra follow up instead. 

This program is only available to those who have completed the Foundational Nourishment Program or the Integrated Nourishment Program. 



  • 6 Follow Up Calls, which are 60 minutes in duration. (follow-ups can be worked into the bi-weekly calls depending on client's preferable communication flow) 

  • Updated notes & resources as needed. 

  • Signal App voice messaging support.


  • Access to Fullscript supplements at practitioner discount 


Follow Ups must be used within 12 months of buying the Follow Up Package.

$2,571 package

This is a holistic, high-point of contact program for those who want to go far beyond food & deep-dive into the many facets of how one can un-learn & relearn to nourish in a way that truly serves them. Integrated Nourishment is a 12-week program that includes 6, bi-weekly, one on one weekly calls ranging from nutrition-foundations & lifestyle shifts, to human design & our psycho- cybernetics around food + our bodies.

An abundance of personalized resources will be provided based on your specific nourishment focus.


  • An in-depth Nutrition Assessment & Personal Reflection Prompts

  • 2-Hour Initial Consult & Intro to Your Avenues of Nourishment

  • Analysis of nutrition-related lab work, if applicable

  • Downloadable Recording of your Initial Consult

  • A week-by-week, 12-Week Schedule for Your Avenues of Nourishment Integration

  • Introduction to Your Human Design for Nourishment, Recorded Audio (90 minutes)

  • Integration of Human Design & Gene Keys as a catalyst for Nourishment reclamation & transformation. 

  • Personalized Nourishment Resources pertaining to 

    Including but not limited to
    De-conditioning & Relearning Nourishment Foundations, Menstrual Cycle Guide & Video Access, Personalized grounding recordings, Visual Plate Ratios, Supplements, Meal Plan, Concepts & Applications catering to client's goals, Mindscaping, Structured and/or Intuitive Eating etc.


  • The bi-weekly integration calls are all 60 minutes in duration. 
    These bi-weekly calls are here to answer your quests, course correct, deep dive, assign & review any nourishment "homework" 

  • Total of 6, one-hour Follow-up Calls

  • Proactive bi-weekly work to overcome barriers & challenges.

  • Daily Signal App Support & Email Support Access

Payment Plans & Sliding Scale


Nourishment Nutrition is always open to spacing out payments into more digestable increments if needed. Please present your request to Alyssa and she will be happy to create and agreed upon payment schedule & contract with you.

Alyssa is passionate about everyone's nourishment needs being met & values clear communication. Your current financial situation should not hold you back from your nourishment. Book your explore call here & speak with Alyssa about how you can make it work. 

For real! We've got you.


For the following appointments you must have previously  purchased a package.

Follow Up Consultations (post-nourishment package only)
Singular Follow Up
Nutritional Counseling, 90 mins + Note Updates; $300.00
RD ASAP! 30-minute check-In + Notes: $100