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ONCE YOU look at the 1:1 PROGRAMs + have a feel for which one RESONATES WITH YOU + YOUR NOURISHMENT NEEDS,
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This program is for those who want to learn how to best eat to meet their own needs when it comes to all things food, eating, body image & the like. It explores of Avenues of Nourishment, but is focused on that avenues related specially to food, your body & nutrition.



  • In-depth Nutrition Assessment​

  • 2 Hour Initial Consult 
    Downloadable Recording of your Initial Consult


  • Analysis of nutrition-related lab work, if applicable

  • Personalized Protocol
     De-conditioning & Relearning Nourishment Foundations, Visual Plate Ratios, Supplements, Meal Plan, Concepts & Applications catering to client's goals, Mindscaping, Structured and/or Intuitive Eating, Meal Building, Recipes, Pleasure Rituals, etc.​


  • 3 hours of Follow-Up Sessions

    Follow-Up Calls are 30 to 60 minutes 
    ollow-ups can be worked into the bi-weekly, 30 minutes calls or hour-long monthly calls, depending on client's preferable communication & support flow. They can be recorded on Zoom, or can be held on the phone.
    Follow-up sessions must be used within 12 weeks of receiving your protocol.


  • Personalized Supplement Protocol
    & 15% discount on all supplements 


  • Updated notes as need after each follow-up session. 

  • Signal App Support & Email Support Access

  • Weekly Food Tracking Analysis, if desired


This is a holistic, high-point of contact program for those who want to go far beyond food & into all things nourishment. This offering deep-dive into the many facets of how one can un-learn the deep conditioning that influences everything from eating & food preferences to body image & self-expression.
We utilize Human Design's Strategy & Inner Authority as a tool to re-learn how to meet your trruest, most holistic nourishment needs. 

Integrated Nourishment is 4 to 6 month program that includes 6, 1:1 sessions. An abundance of personalized resources will be provided based on your specific focus & ways of learning / receiving information.



  • An in-depth Nutrition Assessment & Personal Reflection Prompts
    with analysis of nutrition-related lab work,
    if applicable (recommended)

  • 2-Hour Initial Consultation, which is recorded for your playback viewing.
    Downloadable Recording of your Initial Consult


  • Your Human Design for Foundations Reading
    This is a recorded audio reading of your Human Design BodyGraph, Strategy, Authority, Type, Centers, Gates & Channels. It is 90 minutes to 2-hours. It 
    equips you with all the insight you will need to understand and apply your human design type, strategy & authority to navigate the avenues of your nourishment.

  • 90 minute Human Design-Focused Integration Session 
    We will  review & answer any questions you have on your human design and get clear on how to apply the foundations of your design to the Avenues of your Nourishment. This is a review of what you've learned in your HD Foundation Recording.

  • Personalized Avenues of Nourishment Protocol & Resources  
    Including but not limited to: 
    De-conditioning & Relearning Nourishment Foundations

    100 page Menstrual Cycle Guide & Videos 
    Visual Plate Ratios
    A Personalized Meal Plan with Recipes

    Nutrition Concepts & Applications based on your intentions
    Journal Prompts
    Mindscaping Practices
    Structured and/or Intuitive Eating etc.
    Personalized Pleasure Rituals
    Learning to Set the Mood for Eating
    Guided Breathing / Meditation Recordings

  • 6 Hours of Follow-up sessions
    Available to you for in-real-time integration as we navigate the avenues of your nourishment. 
    They must be used within 6 months of your initial consultation.  
    It's recommend that you have a monthly follow up call, but they can be more frequent if desired. The pacing is up to YOU based on how you're applying & integrating the concepts.

  • Daily Signal App Support & Email Support Access

Payment Plans & Sliding Scale options:

Nourishment Nutrition is always open to spacing out payments into more digestable increments if needed. Please present your request to Alyssa and she will be happy to create and agreed upon payment schedule & contract with you. Prices of packages are flexible, depending on your income.

Alyssa is passionate about everyone's nourishment needs being met & values clear communication. Your current financial situation should not hold you back from your nourishment. Book your explore call here & speak with Alyssa about how you can make it work. 

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