empowered by design

For a full listing of the Empowered by (Human) Design offerings, you can access the "PURCHASE" tab, but your your convenience, here they are: 

Foundations by (Human) Design: 
A 90 minute Empowered by (Human) Design recorded audio reading of your Human Design Body Graph.
You will get the Foundations of Your Design 3 to 4 days before the 90 minute Integration Call.

And one Integration Call, which is 90 minutes to review your questions & reflections about your Empowered by (Human) Design reading. On the Integration call we can discuss patterns & deep dive into aspects that really resonate or are relevant to your current experience. This call is recorded on Zoom Audio so you will absolutely have access to download it. 
From there, you have your Human Design Body graph Foundations in the 90 minute audio recording + the recording of our 90 minute Integration Call.


Integrate by (Human) Design
After you have completed your Empowered By Design Program, which consists of your foundations recording & integration call you are eligible to do an Integration Program, which includes, 5x 75-minute Live Zoom screen shares where we deep dive into your Human Design BodyGraph, to explore the expressions of thee planets through the gates, life cycle shifts, line expressions, deconditioning, reinforcing strategy and authority, and anything else you want to play with or explore. This must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Dynamics by (Human) Design:  
This offering combines the original Foundations Recording & Integration Call for Your Chart + Someone else's chart with a Live 90-minute Composite Chart Reading for both people. This might be your lover, life partner, a parent or two, a sibling, a co-worker, or a new-found love interest.


Distillation by (Human) Design:  
This offering is what I call "15-minute Mondays". It is a distilled 15 minute zoom reading of your BodyGraph. It is not conversational, nor do we focus on questions. It is a personalized taste of your design.

work place by (Human) Design:
This offering provides human design readings to each of your employees, plus group strategies to optimize the interpersonal workplace dynamic based on each persons's design. This is an interactive, often in-person, offering, which requires a call with Alyssa to cater to the specific settings & needs of your workplace. Please email Alyssa directly at to schedule the complimentary planning call & learn more.

Alyssa is passionate about everyone having access to this information. For incremental payment plans & or sliding scale, please email her at​​​​​​​ Thank you! ​​​​​​​