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I'm here to be the
grand orchestrator
of your nourishment.

as we work together,
it's my job to see the biggest picture, educate you accordingly & guide you through your unique avenues of nourishmenT.

the holistic way is the sustainable way.

Alyssa Troob, RDN, here - 

Yes, that's me up there, smiling like the cat that ate the canary, all for the sake of NOURISHMENT. Not only because I believe that nourishment is empowerment, but because I f*cking live it & have seen it come to fruition through my clients, time & time again.  Nourishment has been my life's devotion since the tender age of 13 years old.

Dramatic? Maybe.

But, thoroughly true.

As a classically trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), I have poured my existence into the science & art of Nourishment. I have 5 years of academic & in-the-field training, compounded with 6 years of my  private practice, as a RDN, where I have & still work one-on-one with nourishment clients.

These 11 years of deep study & private practice are fortified by years of self-study as I worked in a holistic health food store as the primary supplement & food educator, as well as experience researching the menstrual cycle, working in hospitals, an eating disorder clinic, for SNAP Outreach, in a WIC clinic, as a framer's market organizer, as a Slow Food president at my undergrad university, as a private chef, as a food blogger, doing biotransformation (the technical work for detox) research, working in kitchens/food service, as a nutrition writer for Climbing Magazine, in holistic & naturopathic clinics, & traveling internationally to eat, learn & partake in various food cultures.



In the last six years, I've built a thriving private practice, where I've worked with over five-hundred clients on both their nutrition & nourishment alike. As an RDN & nutrition educator (or as I like to call it, a nourishment evangelist), I've had the pleasure of co-creating with clients all of the world, including clients in Austria, Iceland, Ecuador, France, Australia, Spain, Canada, Germany & the UK.

Through work one on one with clients, I've crafted a big-picture, holistic system of teaching nourishment, called The Avenues of Nourishment . This approach is geared toward the uniqueness of each individual, their potential biochemistry, their environment, the learned behaviors they have around food, their body, how they eat & all of the variables that have molded their attitudes toward all of the above.

As I always say to clients,
"we do not eat in a vacuum". Everything we experience impacts how we eat & everything we eat impacts our experience. I believe it was said best thousands of years ago as, "as above, so below". 

I actively study to complete continuing education to maintain my RDN certification. I am Certified as a Human Design Analyst & Life Coach to better cater to holistic scope of nourishment, which takes into account cultural conditioning, energetic archetypes, behavioral patterning, and our own personal inner- authority.

Why do I tell you this? 

Primarily, so you are confident that 
when we work together, I bring my life's study, embodiment of Nourishment & all of its various avenues into our work, to extend to you. This life-study has equipped me with an ever-expanding knowledge that I will share with YOU, so that YOU can cultivate the understanding you need can make your own empowered choices about your nourishment.

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I've got you


"writing this reminded me how much I loved our calls!! it was totally exciting working with you!! makes me wanna go through it again just for the chats and the motivation I got from you each time!!


For anyone deciding whether to work with Alyssa, I would just like to add something which she probably doesn't mention... The way she coaches nutrition in a very subtle way actually teaches the science and principles on how and why and what goes on in the body. Even though each session with her was specifically directed at my personal food issues back then with clear and simple tips on what to do, without actually trying to, I walked away with such a solid foundational knowledge on nutrition that i am now able to continue using those principles even though my situation keeps changing... 

I was even able to give successful advice to suite friends whose eating habits are completely different to mine! It was then that I actually realized how much knowledge i had accidentally gained throughout our chats!

Or maybe it wasn't accidental at all, I actually don't know if she does that on purpose or it is just how she is =) "

- Ivanna Mi

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Most importantly, I am a human. And, it is imperative to this human, in her practitioner roll to maintain integrity & transparency regarding credentialing + certification.  Your trust in me, as your practitioner, is an honor. Because of that, here is my credentialing all spelled out for you: 

My Bachelors in Nutrition & Dietetics is from The University of Rhode Island where I graduated as an Honors Student, Summa Cum Laude + with the Truman Scholarship. 

My Dietetic Internship was completed at Bastyr University, in Washington State. 
I passed my Dietetic Board Exam in July 2015 & completed re-certification through continuing education in 2020. I just began my second cycle of Continuing Education as an RDN this March, 2021. 

I have studied Human Design for two years & am a Certified Human Design Analyst, certified by The Quantum Alignment System as a Level 4 Human Design Specialist. I continue my Human Design training & education, currently, and will as long as it serves me in my personal life & in the Avenues of Nourishment Approach I have crafted to use with my Nourishment & Empowered by Design Clients. 


I am certified by Achology Ltd as a Certified Life Coach & am currently enrolled in their Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) Course, as well as their advanced Life Coaching Certification Program. 

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask. I am passionate about empowering clients through education. So, through my lens, my continued education matters.