Alyssa Neill here. I've always been beyond interested in all things nutrition. By the time I was 15 years I knew I would be a Dietitian, and would have a Private Practice.


Whether it is nutritional biochemistry, nutrient timing, food science, habits around nourishment, growing food, body positivity, mindful eating, how we eat (and what's eating us, so to speak), or eating for specific performance goals, I've immersed myself in it with pleasure! Pleasure is the key to flow, yo.

With that being said, pleasure is one of the avenues of nourishment. Pleasure creates connection with our physical body & connection with the physical body creates compassion for the body & understanding of the body's constant feedback.

The physical body speaks it's own language. Nourishment - be it from deeply nutritional foods, movement, self-expression, pursing goals and endeavors, connecting with those we love, getting outside to enjoy the wild, or exploring our spiritual nature - ensures that our body is able to speak clearly, fluently, and with great confidence.

You see, I quickly realized that "nutrition" might be too narrow and, dare I say sterile, of a title to name my passions and interests. I began to redefine my ideas surrounding nutrition, and birthed the vast concept of nourishment over the narrow idea of nutrition.


Nutrition is the study of nutrients in foods, how the body uses both, the nutrients and the foods, and the relationship between what we eat, our health, and the prevention disease, with emphasis on wellness.


Nourishment, however, is the foods or the substances that are required for our growth, health, and best conditions. Nourishment is not limited to the food we eat, but how we think about what we eat, how we prepare what we eat, the thoughts we "feed" our body, the movement we practice, how we sleep, our relationships, what we do for pleasure, etc. Nourishment is all encompassing.

So, Nourishment Nutrition was born (because I'm all about the all-encompassing). Now, I work with clients all of this brilliant planet we call Earth. One of my clients referred to me as the Sherpa who guides people up the Mountain of Nourishment. This might just be the best metaphor for the nourishment work I do with clients. They still have to climb up the mountain; they have to be experimental, and hard-working, compassionate, devoted, and resourceful, but I am always there to guide & empower them until they get to a point where their nourishment practice alone empowers them.

Nourishment is Empowerment, my friends. 
If you know, you know!
You know?

Outside of Nourishment Nutrition, which consumes most of my time and feeds my soul, I love climbing (bouldering and sport climbing) for the mind-body-psyche challenges it presents. I have been at it for about 5 years, along with lifting, dancing, hiking, and any enjoyable movement that helps connect body to breath. 

I also host and teach at Womxn's Retreats, Womxn's Circles & gatherings. Soon the Vivid Revival Podcast will be born as well. I love love love (yes, love to the third power kind of love) cooking and creating in that manor (along with so many other manors of creating) so I occasionally private chef for retreats. I lead rituals, guided meditation, I write for Climbing Magazine, I have written for Gnarly Nutrition, and have shared nourishment & healing collaborated with some of the most powerful & inspiring humans I know.


MY EXPERIENCE:  In addition to my Didactic Program & Nutrition Science degree from the University of Rhode Island, I completed my 1300 hour Dietetic Internship at the nation's leading school for natural medicine and whole-food nutrition, Bastyr University, in Washington.


I have over seven years of personal and professional experience with holistic nutrition, weight loss, fat loss, women's health, hormone balance with diet, diet and lifestyle modifications, and supplement support.


In addition to NourishMEnt Nutrition, I have worked as a Practitioner at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, in the supplement industry, as a Private Chef, in hospitals, in Naturopathic clinics and as a Detoxification / Biotransformation researcher at High Tech Health International, Inc. 

Since late 2015 I've run Nourishment Nutrition, my private practice based on Nutrition Education. I believe  -  because I've seen it over and over with my incredible clients - that nourishment is empowerment. This, empowerment through personalized nutrition education, is the foundation to my private practice. 



Since I started to become passionate about and research nutrition, the focus on whole-food-centric nutrition has been imperative. As Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, "RDN", it is my goal to simplify the pathway to health and promote a whole food diet with functional foods. In other words, I am the Sherpa to that will guide you up the Mountain of Nourishment.




NOURISH: With personalized nutrition education, programs for foundational support, community group support, and an encouraging atmosphere, I will provide the structure and guidance you need to build a strong body and strong mind, to reach optimal health and performance, and to illuminate life through whole food choices.


Nourishment Nutrition's services are all virtual via phone, FaceTime, and Skype.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free 15 minute talk with me to discuss your goals and get started!

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