ONE to NOURISH // many avenues

Nourishment, a new way: When we explore the Avenues of Your Nourishment, the niche of my expertise is guide YOU with deep nutrition knowledge + strategies, embodied practices & should you choose, integration of your Inner Authority through the lens of Human Design. 


No variables of nourishment are independent variables. They are all connected to & therefore, dependent on each other. These "variables" are the avenues we will explore.

Nourishment "a new way" looks like you as the Curious & Courageous Explorer of the many avenues of your nourishment & me as your wise GPS. This way, I'm you're source of information, insight & organization, but you choose the avenues of your nourishment that we explore.


WHICH AVENUES of nourishment
will you explore?

What & How
You Eat

The fundamentals of eating are important to learn right, in a non-bias diet-culture-free way. Learning to make food / eating work for you is a 

major game changer.

Be it types of food, macronutrients, micronutrients, cooking, mood-setting & eating environment, meal building, or structured eating, there is much benefit to understanding.

Embodiment & Pleasure

Connecting with our senses, through eating or otherwise, is an effective way to drop into our bodies.


When we practice embodiment, not only will we experience more pleasure, which is nourishing within itself, but we also allow & become aware of body feedback regarding what is working well for us

& what is not. 

Inner Authority & Mindscape

Connecting with your Inner Authority puts you in charge of your nourishment. This makes long-term nourishment enjoyable + sustainable, because you learn to trust yourself to choose what's best for you. 

Mindscaping is landscaping for your mind + thought patterns. Specifically regarding our body image, body trust & eating.

Liquid Bubbles


How?PHENOMENAL Question. 

potential big-

  • Increased body confidence

  • "Feelin' yourself" mode as your baseline

  • Menstrual Cycle awareness

  • More focus & better cognition

  • Stabilized moods

  • Less anxiousness 

  • Foundational food understanding

  • More body trust

  • End to binge-restrict cycles

  • Drastically less guilt & shame around food

  • Connection to your sensuality 

  • Trusting your decision making 

  • Understanding of your unique needs

  • Skills + strategies too meet those needs

  • Better boundaries (yes, this is sooooo real!)

  • Understanding your Human Design (HD)

  • Knowing how to use your HD, Strategy & Inner Authority to support your nourishment.

  • Body intuition / awareness

  • Unlearning conditioned diet mentality

  • Knowing what actually works for you

  • More pleasure & sensation

  • No need to ever diet. Ever. 

  • The ability to "have your cake & eat it too"

  • True enjoyment of eating

potential Nutrition-specific outcomes:

  • Improved quality of energy

  • Improved cholesterol / triglyceride ratios

  • Better blood glucose control / balance

  • Menstrual Cycle nutrition 

  • Sex & Hunger Hormone balance

  • Your ideal body composition

  • More body trust

  • Decreased food cravings

  • Appetite regulation

  • Weight (fat) loss / (muscle) gain

  • Less  pre-menstrual symptoms

  • Clearer, more vibrant skin

  • Healthier, more regular bowel movements

  • Sounder sleep

  • Decreased bloating, gassiness, indigestion, heart burn & digestive distress

  • Improved physical performance & recovery

  • Support for your body's biotransformation (aka detox) pathways.

  • Hormonal & environmental detoxification

  • More fertile

  • Revamped sex drive

  • Achievement of physical PRs / completion of projects, races, etc.